He who cannot bear doubt does not bear himself…doubt is the sign of the strongest and the weakest. The strong have doubt, but doubt has the weak.

-Carl Jung

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"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
Lao Tzu (via s0ul-at-peace)

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Entry #4

            The addiction to pain is amongst the most highest, perhaps arguably the omega. The addiction starts with pleasure eventually turns monotonous which in turn coverts to pain. Perhaps the monotony is the escape route—once the polarity polarizes a new addiction is created; perhaps even stronger than the first. Good sex becomes redundant then painful without love. This form of addiction can be applied on a macro scale as well. A culture or even society can become addicted to pain and drama while in turn reinforcing and cultivating it. They must love you before they can hate you. Any individual who goes against the grain is loved, ridiculed then shot down.  The higher you go the further you fall… 

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I wonder how many people I’ve looked at all my life and never seen.

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Six hundred goddamn AD

Six hundred. Goddamn AD.

This needs to be en-grained in every single living human.

i love this so much


I’m sure a ton of you have seen this already, but there’s no way this isn’t going to be on my page. 
"There Are Some Amazing Messages That Need To Be Said That Aren’t Profitable To Say So You’re Never Going To See Them On A Billboard"
Dave Meslin (via ransomrazina)

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